Creating a logo for "CtoutClean" - A sofa cleaning company.

Designing a simple and effective logo on a tight budget.

In collaboration with CtoutClean, a sofa cleaning company, I was tasked with creating a logo that would serve as the foundation for their brand identity. With a limited budget, the client requested that we focus on developing the logo first, with plans to expand their visual identity in the future.

To begin, I conducted research into the cleaning industry and sought inspiration from effective and simplistic graphic designs. CtoutClean prioritizes the quality of their services and a personalized customer experience, which led me to incorporate pastel blue gradients into the design to convey a sense of cleanliness and professionalism. The logo also needed to strike a balance with a customized, friendly, and attractive typography.


Ctoutclean moodboard - Pinterest


Exploring different directions and styles for Ctoutclean's logo.


Ctoutclean’s logo - Final design.

Throughout the process, I remained mindful of the budget and time constraints, which pushed me to develop creative and efficient solutions. The end result was a clean and recognizable logo that effectively represented the client's brand values.


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