“La Tête Dans le Guidon”: a case study in visual identity design.

Combining professionalism and adventure for a local bike repair shop.

As a designer, I was tasked with creating the visual identity for a local bike repair shop, La Tête Dans le Guidon, that aimed to be accessible and community-driven while maintaining a professional and adventurous feel. Through extensive research and collaboration with the client, I developed an identity that was easily recognizable and could be applied across a variety of mediums, including flyers, business cards, and stickers.

La Tête dans le Guidon - Stickers variations


La Tête dans le Guidon - Print Mockup - Flyers & Business Cards

After creating the visual identity for La Tête Dans le Guidon, I took the project a step further by developing a WordPress website for the client. The website served as a professional showcase, seamlessly integrated with their Google Business account and provided an online platform for customers to easily contact them. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive backend, I ensured that the client would have full autonomy and the ability to update their website with ease.


latetedansleguidon.bike - Website Online Shots

This strategic implementation of the website not only enhanced the brand's online presence but also empowered the client to effectively manage their digital storefront. By combining my design expertise with WordPress development, I successfully delivered a comprehensive solution that met the client's needs and exceeded their expectations


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